OSW_cornershot.jpg (86107 bytes)        Founded 1979

Old South Winery had its beginnings in Natchez, Mississippi. Dr. Scott O. Galbreath, Jr, D.V.M., remembers wanting to help his grandmother make wine when he was a teenager. 

"The first thing I did when I got my driver's license was go to the woods and pick muscadines so Grandmother Vick and I could make wine!"     Scott Galbreath

Many years later, Dr. Galbreath remembered how good that muscadine wine was as he and Edeen (his wife) decided to open a winery that specialized in muscadine wines. 

The first wines offered were mostly dry wines, but the enthusiastic customers demanded sweeter wines.  Old South Winery now offers twelve wines in red, white, and rose' and varying sweetness levels.

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Old South Winery
65 South Concord Ave.
Natchez, MS 39120
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